Friday, June 20, 2014

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Illustrated history book from 1852. 

astronomy text with moving parts.  And sealing wax.

Traditional Lithuanian dress.
I got my father's birth record, And am holding it in my profile pic. The original may have been lost in a synagogue fire as this entry is dated 1924 for the 1915 birth. Strangely, my grandfather's occupation is listed as "merchant" and we think he was a musician.


  1. When I got home, my mother told me that my grandmother had to bribe a priest for a birth certificate in order for my father to attend school at 9 years old. Questions, why didn't he get a birth certificate in. 1915, was he born in Paris? Was there not a father married to my grandmother? And why a priest, did the rabbi refuse or did he ask too much money?

    1. Oh, Bobbie, one more thing. It just occurred to me that the really charming kid who visited us in Mumbai 2 years ago is your son. I confirmed that this was the case with David. Small world indeed. I wouldn't be surprised if we are related, because my great great grandfather, Velvo Amolsky of Kovno, was a womanizer who was married and divorced 5 times and had over a dozen kids. Cheers...