Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Silber house

My father's house was in the center of the old city of Keidan, in the Jewish section and very close to the Nezeris River. Most everything he needed was closeby. But when he switched to the public, Catholic gymnasium for high school, he went a bit farther. he had to walk a couple of miles away. Simon asked around and found it. it is a brick building still used as some kind of a school. On a forested, busy road  on a hill, it was difficult to photograph and it was time to get to Kaunas for the night.

Going to that gymnasium was one of the lucky breaks of my father's life. in the year he graduated at the top of his class and applied and accepted at Kaunas medical school there were stiff quotas on the number of Jews admitted to study medicine. coming from the gymnasium, he was not recognized or counted as Jewish by the admissions staff. just one year later, that quota of Jews accepted to study medicine was reduced to zero; his acceptance would have been all the luckier.

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