Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sugihara House

Simonas Dovidavicus, same Simon of the Keidan  visit and Yudel Ronder visit, is Director of the Sugihara House, a very small but full of heart museum in the former Japanese embassy to Lithuania.
More than 2000 visas were issued, saving the lives of 6000. An act which Sugihara chose to do of his own independent will and for which his career and life suffered.
The Place Called Heaven is a short film we saw.
One man can make a difference.

Simon at Sugihara's desk.
Simon also told us about the other diplomat who made the heroic choice to issue visas to Jews and paid the price in his career. He is Jens deDecker of Holland.

Simon does noble work keeping these memories alive.
I feel connected to his mission and hold the dream of getting involved with the 
Sugihara memorial at Temple Emeth in Chestnut Hill, Ma 

Sugihara children's picture on the desk.

                                                                      Chiune Sugihara

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