Saturday, June 21, 2014

Regina's book list

Regina Kopilevich led an amazing 3 1/2 hour tour of the little and big ghettos in Vilna. It was a whirlwind, with layer upon layer of cultural and humanitarian history. We got a sense of how Vilnius earned its reputation as the center of the universe of jewish intellectual life. A birthplace of writers and musicians (Jascha Heifetz) and also a place sought out by famous writers including Dostoyevsky. Pushkin, Gunther Grass. Home of two early printing presses brought from Rome.

I was very happy to meet Regina because she was active in the Keidan Jewish cemetery project to translate and document names. 

From Susan:The Lost by Daniel Mendelsohn
                     The Family by David Laskin
Where She Came From by Helen Epstein
From Maralee, Between Shades of Gray
The Jews of Lithuania by Marsha Greenbaum
Bielski Brothers, filmed in Vilna Defiance, starring Daniel Craig
Film about Heifetz
Ida, film

Myra Sklarew,  Poetry of Keidan
 Karpanovich (translated by Andrew Cassel)
Making Loss matter by David Volpe

 Jerusalem of Lithuania by Frakes,   Jerusalem Lithuania
 Husbands and Wives by Chaim Grade,  Husbands and Wives
 Moshe or Mordecai Carlebach

 Wolfgang Yussun
Friends to my Mother
Leibowitz, Rabbi Rifkis
Abraham Heschel, Philosopher
golda_vainberg-tatz, musician in NYC 
 Flame under the ashes
Schneidman    =Three+tragic+heroes+of+the+Vilna+ghetto
Rachel Margolis Partisan+from+Vilna

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